Gentle Reminder Bumper Rails

Gentle Reminder 1Conforming Comfort® Gentle Reminder Bumper Rails
Item No. 116-2200
In many facilities, bed rails can no longer be used. As the name applies, Gentle Reminder makes the patient/resident aware when approaching the edge of the bed. Each foam bumper has convolution to allow pressure redistribution, and air circulation to prevent moisture buildup. The 39" length helps patients/residents feel less confined. Bumper rails should be placed at shoulder height. Size: 39"L x 9"W x 5"H

Gentle Reminder Fitted SheetGentle Reminder 2
Item No. 116-2201
The Gentle Reminder fitted sheet has "sleeves" on both sides to hold the gentle reminder bumper rails in place. When the patient or resident needs to move in or out of the bed, the rails can be easily removed by unzipping the bottom edge of the encasement. The bumper rail and sheet sets are designed for easier transfer of patents/residents and much easier on staffs backs. Size: 36"W x 6"H x 80"L

Gentle Reminder Set
Item No. 116-2202
The Gentle Reminder Set includes the bumper rails and a fitted sheet. Save money by purchasing the set!

Water Resistant Gentle Reminder Bumper Rails
Item No. 116-2207
These fluid-resistant Gentle Reminder Bumper Rails are re-usable, and are an excellent choice for use with incontinent patients/residents.

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