Conforming Comfort® positioning device, you will never utilize the standard, pressure causing, bed pillow again to address venous drainage or stasis ulcers.

Turn & Position Articulated Wedges

The articulated Turn & Position Wedge is designed to assist you in proper body positioning according to the turning schedule of your facility. The Turn & Position Wedge aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure...

Customizable Head Supports

The Conforming ComfortĀ® Customizable Head Supports address decubitus ulcers/pressure ulcers of the occipital bones on the back of the head.


Standard "Smooth Top" Bed Wedge w/ cover for those patients who desire upper body elevation, the Smooth Top Bed Wedge may be used for elevation of the back. It is perfect

Manual Prone Positioning System

manual proning, ARDS, respiratory aide, prone position

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