Conforming Comfort® Venous Stasis Device

Venous Stasis This device addresses venous drainage and it also offers off-loading support while maintaining the Conforming Comfort® pressure reduction/relief design that evenly distributes tissue load and is able to maintain elevation for good venous drainage that prevents and treats stasis ulcers secondary to post phlebitic syndrome.  Adequate length of 36" to properly support both extremities.  Once you have utilized this unique, patented Conforming Comfort® positioning device, you will never utilize the standard, pressure causing, bed pillow again to address venous drainage or stasis ulcers.

13" Wide x 36" Long x 10" High

111-1060 Venous Stasis Device with reusable/washable cover

111-1067 Venous Stasis Device Waterproof with reusable/washable cover

  • Venous Stasis Cross-sectionAdequate elevation to allow for proper venous drainage
  • Off-loading support
  • Beneficial for stasis dermatitis, edema, lymphadema
  • Secure, comfortable positioning (Conforming Comfort®)

        Specially Designed Monolithic Covers...

  • Blood, bacterial, viral, and fluid-resistant barrier covers
  • Also available in disposable


Conforming Comfort® Positioning Device

Positioning DeviceOur patented positioning device offers proven pressure reduction for your patients or residents. The solid foam core center gives the device just the right amount of support relative to your patients/residents weight. The deep peaks and valleys conform to offer excellent pressure redistribution. Unlike bed pillows that easily become dislodged, our patented device maintains its position, and keeps your patients/residents secure. Positioning devices aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This device allows comfortable positioning for patients/residents with other disabilities.

Comes complete with an antibacterial, fluid-resistant, machine washable/dryable cover.  

XS For those up to 5'1" and 100 lbs 9" Diam. x 15" Long
S For those up to 5'2" and 130 lbs 9" Diam. x 18" Long
M For those up to 5'8" and 180 lbs 11" Diam. x 21" Long
L For those up to 6'2" and 225 lbs 11" Diam. x 26" Long
XL For those up to 6'5" and 250 lbs 11" Diam. x 28" Long



Conforming Comfort® Arterial Heel Device

Arterial Heel DeviceThe Conforming Comfort® Arterial Heel Device is designed to offload pressure from the heels.  It is one of the very few products that provide true pressure relief as well as pressure redistribution. The unique core center provides adequate support without "bottoming out" and the deep peaks and valleys of this product help distribute the pressure appropriately. The Arterial Heel Device is intended for patients/residents with heel ulcers as seen in peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, or other conditions related to pressure. Device maintains pressure reduction without elevation. Comes complete with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, water-resistant, machine washable/dryable covers. 111-1050

Size: 10" Wide x 36" Long x 6.5" High


Conforming Comfort® Cervical/ Lumbar Device

Cervical Lumbar Device

Our Conforming Comfort® cervical/lumbar device combines adequate support with essential pressure redistribution. The long foam "fingers" conform to offer excellent pressure reduction whether the device is used to help with lower lumbar support or aid in cervical pain/pressure relief. The patented foam core center provides long lasting support and comfort. Comes complete with an anti-bacterial, moisture-resistant, machine washable/dryable cover. 110-9901

Size: 8" Diameter x 13" Long


Conforming Comfort® Neuro-Cervical Support Devices

Neuro Cervical DeviceFinding small support devices for the cervical area can be difficult. Available are the Neuro-Cervical Support Devices which give adequate cervical flexion without excess. It has the same unique patented benefits of our Conforming Comfort® line.

Description   Item No.   Dimensions
Small Neuro-Cervical Support   114-1130   3"L x 9.5"W x 4.5"H
Medium Neuro-Cervical Support    114-1140   4"L x 9.5"W x 4.5"H
Large Neuro-Cervical Support   114-1150   5"L x 9.5"W x 4.5"H


Conforming Comfort® Comfy w/cover and strap
comfySize - 4.5" Wide x 9.5" Long x 6" High
Elbows, knees, and other bony prominences can get pressure-redistribution, support, and comfort! Many patients are in need of pressure redistributing and relieving devices for hard-to-position places like elbows, knees, scapula, ears, or occipitals. The Comfy is perfect for these needs and comes with a water resistant cover and soft Velcro strap to hold it in place. Strap is removable. The high-density Comfy is designed for pressure reduction for larger, heavier parts.

Item No. Description
114-1100 Comfy
114-1110 High-Density Comfy (Firmer Core Center)


Knee/Ankle and Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separators

Knee/Ankle Separator

Knee/Ankle Separator 115-0018

This product provides two benefits for your residents/patients. The Knee/Ankle Separator protects bony prominences from pressure, helping to aid in less breakdown. The density of the foam is durable enough to provide you with a product that will also help elongate contractures.  

Soft foam straps with Velcro closure available at an additional cost.  (shown below with Abduction Wedge)

Measure from knee to ankle to determine which size you will need.

Item No.   Description                     
115-0018   18" Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover
115-0021   21" Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover
115-0024   24" Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover


Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator

Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator 115-0017

Our Thigh/Knee/Ankle separator provides abduction for the thigh/knee/ankles while in a sitting or lying position.  It provides protection for all bony prominences from knee to ankle, in addition to proper positioning.

Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator 115-0017

Soft foam straps with Velcro closure available at an additional cost.

(shown below with Abduction Wedge)

Measure from knee to ankle to determine which size you will need.

Item No.   Description                                  
115-0017   17" Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover
115-0019   19" Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover


Abduction Wedge

Abduction WedgesOur abduction wedge is available in 8", 10", and 12" to provide an exact fit for all shapes and sizes. These devices are excellent for patients/residents who have hip fractures, contractures or spasms. Sized perfect for patients/residents for use with wheelchair, geriatric chair, and bed use. This product is available in water resistant design, we have tested this product for safety and comfort. The disposable covers are anti-bacterial, and water resistant. 
The Abduction Wedge Device protects your patients in two ways:

  • The High-Density foam keeps knees safely apart.
  • The soft 4" wide straps (included on all sizes and styles) eliminates the pain caused by rigid bands.


Kyphosis/Scoliosis/Lordosis Cushion & Vest

Kyphosis-Scoliosis-Lordosis Cushion

This patented product addresses abnormal posterior curvature  of the thoracic spine. The open cross design allows the spine to float freely, while the remainder of the cushion still aides in good pressure redistribution.   Antimicrobial cover is fluid resistant with straps and non-skid fabric that ensures cushion remains positioned properly for maximum  resident comfort in wheelchair, Geri chair, recliner, and bed.     

Item No 118-9100            19.75”H x 16”W x 3”D

   U.S. Patent No. 11,013,336


Kyphosis-Scoliosis-Lordosis Vest

kyphosis vestThe Kyphosis-Scoliosis Vest will allow people with all degrees of kyphosis-scoliosis to be protected while being active or immobile.

kyphosis vest 2Constructed of a Nylon/Spandex fabric, our Kyphosis-Scoliosis Vest can be worn underneath clothing. The unique construction of the triangular foam within the pockets allow the spine to float and be off-loaded, thus providing protection that results in less pain and prevents further breakdown.

Available in sizes XS to XL, Item No KPV-91.


Conforming Comfort® Scrotal Pressure Reducing Support

scrotal device

Item No. 110-0002

The Conforming Comfort® Scrotal Pressure Reducing Support aids in elevation to encourage scrotal fluid drainage. This device will help to reduce pressure in the scrotum to provide comfort and support in the scrotal area. Product is complete with Fecal Management System channel on the underside making it compatible with Fecal Management Systems.



Kraske reusable foam roll positioner                                 

Item No. CV400-2512

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