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Repositioning Slider Incontinent Pad

Incontinence Sheet

Elderly and disabled patients/residents are often vulnerable to skin trauma from friction and shearing. Our Repositioning Slider Incontinent Pads provide comfort, help protect your patients/residents from shearing and friction when repositioning or transferring is necessary. Easier to use for both patient/resident and staff. Our Repositioning Slider Pads are made of a trilaminate material which consists of three special layers of material: the soft quilted top layer is gentle and soft to the touch for fragile skin, the middle layer wicks away excess moisture from the patient/resident, the third and bottom layer is waterproof to keep the bed linen dry. This material and product is great for those facilities not using briefs on their patients/residents at night. Pad will wick away 2 normal voids = 400 cc’s. Stays soft and will not crack or peel. Highly washable/dryable. Launder in 80 to 100-degree wash cycle. Dry on low/delicate heat cycle.

lifter sheet

Item No.   Description
112-9000   36" Wide x 48" Long
112-9010   36" Wide x 60" Long
113-9000   23" Wide x 36" Long
113-9020   32" Wide x 36" Long
113-9030   36" Wide x 36" Long


Incontinent Pad

incontinent padItem No. 113-9040 - Size: 24" Wide x 35" Long

Like no other incontinent pad you've ever used, our pad is made of three special layers of material: the soft, quilted top layer protects fragile tissue; the middle, absorbent layer wicks away excess moisture and holds it; and the bottom, liquid-resistant layer protects the patient/resident and bedding.


Wheelchair Incontinent Pad w/ ties

Wheelchair Pads

Made of our trilaminate material sewn to fit standard size wheelchairs. Comes with ties. Machine washable/dryable. Comes in 2 pack or 24 pack. Additional sizes available.

Item No.   Description


18" Wide x 16" Long (2 Pack)
113-9060   18" Wide x 16" Long (24 Pack)


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