Comfy (Gait) Belt


The Comfy Belt is an assisting device used to improve safety and ease when helping move a patient from one place to another, or hold up a weak patient to prevent a fall. A caregiver may also assist a patient to their feet more easily and walk while guarded by placing Comfy Belt around their waist. When walking or transferring a patient, the excess material from the belt can be drawn towards the buckle to form a handle. The Comfy Belt was developed by therapists, features a sanitizable nylon webbing, a quick release plastic buckle, a built in handle, and is soil and fluid resistant. Available in red, blue, and black.  

Comfy Belt

Item No. Description Wt. Capacity
CB93540002 Black 54" 225 lbs.
CB93540003 Blue 54" 225 lbs.
CB93540004 Red 54" 225 lbs.
CB93700002 Black 70" 500 lbs.
CB93700003 Blue 70" 500 lbs.
CB93700004 Red 70" 500 lbs.



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