Mercy Medical Center Testimonial

March 20, 2012

Mercy Medical Center Testimonial

"Since the first day these products (hyperbaric mattress and mattress wedges) were put into service, our patients noticed a considerable imporvement in comfort as compared to the thin, hard, pad they had been laying on for the first two-hour, confined treatment period. this was most evident by the decreasing complaints of back and hip stiffness. It should also be noted that patient observations made by the hyperbaric staff showed there was less movement during hyperbaric treatments on your mattress than on the original ones purchased with the chambers. As a matter of fact, more of the patient population seems to be taking advantage of sleeping during their treatments; which as you wel know can be difficult given the environment with which they are placed.

I would like to thank you and your staff in thoroughly researching and developing these products for safe use in a hyperbaric oxygen environment. I look forward in using the cervical pillows and lower leg pressure-relieft products that are currently being developed." 

- Joseph D. Snyder, RN CHT

 Nurse Manager/ HBO Unit

 Mercy Medical Center

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