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March 18, 2012

Conforming Comfort Positioning Device

"Patient care and wellness is the focal area of what we do at Samaritan Regional Health System. With some patients, this can be a challenge.

Maintaining skin integrity is vital to the patient and this is achieved through positioning our patients. This has been a problem in the past. Pillows and wedges slide out from under the patients and then they are back in the same position they had been in the last couple of hours. It is a constant battle.

The Global Medical Foam Positioning Pillow is the first product we have found that works. This pillow, when placed to position a patient, does not slide out. The patient is comfortable and can rest in the position without any problems. The pillow allows the patient to be repositioned with the assurance that they are comfortable and will not have difficulty maintaining the position.

The ability to reposition patients provides less opportunity for skin breakdown. we had a patient who was developing a reddened pressure area. We used Global Medical Positing Pillow and the redness disappeared. 

The Nursing Staff feels this is the best positioning pillow that they have ever had available to them.

Patients also feel these pillows are helpful and comfortable. These pillows are of great benefits to the patients."

- Barbara J. Workman, RN

 Associate Director

 Medical/Surgical/ Pediatrics Department

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